Funding Formula

Funding Formula

Introduction to the Funding Formula

The Funding Formula is a step-by-step guide to help you develop a successful Resource Mobilization programme for your organisation. It includes guidelines for setting Resource Mobilization goals, objectives, outputs and activities. There are also tools, checklists and other practical resources.

The Funding Formula model has been used effectively by IPPF over many years to secure substantial funding for the Federation. By sharing the best Resource Mobilization practices and the key lessons we have learned – at Member Association, Regional Office and global levels – we can make the most of the changing global funding environment.

This guide will help you to:

  • build skills and resources to plan your Resource Mobilization effectively
  • understand the external funding environment and your internal organizational capacity
  • develop your own strategy for Resource Mobilization

1. How to use the Funding Formula

The Funding Formula explains the six stages of successful Resource Mobilization. One way to visualise this, is as a wall. Each stage contains ‘building blocks’ which are the components necessary to build a ‘strong wall’ and do Resource Mobilization successfully.

The Wall

2. The six stages for successful Resource Mobilization are:

Stage 1: Building Capacity for Resource Mobilization
Stage 2: Demonstrating Credibility
Stage 3: Ensuring Relevance
Stage 4: Increasing Visibility
Stage 5: Building Relationships
Stage 6: The Bid Pipeline

You begin building and planning with the red blocks at the base of the wall. Capacity building is the foundation for Resource Mobilization; this Stage requires reflection and analysis and gives you the tools to help you think about your organisation’s needs. The next four Stages move you from red blocks through to green and examine the credibility, relevance, visibility and relationships of your organisation as preparation for successful resource mobilization. The final Stage is green (Go!) and is where there is guidance on developing and implementing a resource mobilization strategy, creating a bid pipeline and preparing successful proposals.

Depending on your current Resource Mobilization needs, you can:

  • work your way through the whole guide, from start to finish; or
  • use the individual stages or building blocks, or individual templates/checklists, as you need.

However, the six Stages all build on each other, and all six need to be implemented for successful Resource Mobilization.

It is important to note:

  • the human resources required from your organisation for each Stage
  • implementing all six Stages will help you to build the most effective Resource Mobilization programme
  • the fewer ‘gaps’ in your Resource Mobilization wall, the stronger your Resource Mobilization programme will be.

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